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Effects of Hemophilia on Articulations of Children and Adults

The majority of bleeding episodes in hemophilic patients occur within the joints. Of these hemarthroses, the knees, elbows, and ankles account for almost 80%. Should the bleeding persist, the synovium starts to hypertrophy and a vicious cycle of chronic synovitis … Continue reading

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Washington Days: Save the date!

NHF’s premiere lobbying event, Washington Days will be held in Washington D.C. Wednesday February 23, through Friday 25, 2011. Continue reading

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Fostering Independence in Kids with Hemophilia

Affinity Biotech is passionate about customer independence. We encourage all of our patients to become independent and self sufficient. Continue reading

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Severe Hemophiliac strives to become Hematologist

Joe Moleski almost died as an infant with Hemophilia. Now at age 22 he is applying to medical school so that he can become the Hematologist he never had. Continue reading

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What does the new Health Care Bill mean for me?

Health Care Reform is happening and we all have questions. Here is a great article we found that defines what the new law will mean for you. Here, have a look… Continue reading

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